Celebrating International Women’s Day; Thursday 8th March

Nicholas Kirkwood celebrates unapologetic women in movement, who have an independent spirit and create their own paths. International Women’s Day welcomes an opportunity for us to detail some of these women who provide constant sources of inspiration.

Marchesa Luisa Casati was an Italian artist’s muse, socialite and heiress living in the Belle Epoque era. Tales of her aristocratic eccentricity inspired Nicholas to create a now distinct part of his collections in homage to her. Casati owned several pet cheetahs who she regularly adorned with pearl collars and was rumoured to walk on strings of diamonds instead of leashes. This decadent and irreverent use of a precious object enthused the development of the Casati collections, where the wearer appears to be standing on a row of pearls.

“To be beautiful one must be unhurried, personality is needed. There is too much sameness. The world seems only to have a desire for more of this sameness. To be different is to be alone. “Luisa Casati, 1932


“Being a woman is about the appreciation and acknowledgement that strength and vulnerability, softness and solidity are not and should not have to be mutually exclusive. An ability to be multi-faceted is the power of being female.”

Donna Wallace


“Being a woman to me is the beautiful, eternal push-pull of contradictions between mind and body, wants and needs, emotional and rational, between dreaming and realizing, between being feminine and being masculine. We are all living contradictions and tackling and embracing that is the wonderful challenge.”

Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis


There’s a part of me that’s quite intimidated by everything that comes with the word ‘woman’. Today, is there a more powerful title?    I’m still getting used to it: because a lot of time I feel just like a girl and not ready for that name – especially on those days I feel 14. To me, being a woman is about being all forms of woman: the girl; the mum; the “power woman”. I transition back and forth in between all these versions of myself as a woman from morning till night every day. What is it to be a strong woman (I get called that a lot)? It’s so many things: intuitive; compassionate; free spirited; open; independent and soft but with strength.

Yasmin Sewell


For me, being a woman means allowing myself the freedom to express both strong and vulnerable emotions, and an array of opposite and complex qualities and attributes. To show strength, courage and conviction, but to also be open to vulnerability and weakness is a precious virtue.

Roksanda Ilincic