An Impression of Stolen Space

Foreword by Nicholas

We have an insatiable appetite for information, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, are we exposed to too much in today’s society? Does too much information suppress imagination and remove an aspect of intrigue?

‘An Impression of Stolen Space’ explores the notion that removing elements from the full picture and eluding to volumes through the use of negative space, encourages the imagination to fill in the blanks and complete the picture.

Inspired by architect Carlo Scarpa and artist Eva Rothschild the heels of the Nini and Eva groups both hint to missing volumes which have either been removed or outlined. The hidden zipped away mass of leather found in the Kristen group and the removal of colour of the bleached denim effect follow the same approach, adding to the underlining early 90s aesthetic of the collection.

For the series of vignettes, I worked with film maker Rei Nadal for the second time to create a set of videos echoing both the concept and aesthetic, creating a narrative that has been formed around our seasonal woman. You are exposed to her intimate thoughts; often following a stream of consciousness. In the film thread, we play with the idea of missing information, which then makes the story more abstract. In each vignette, you hear the women’s thoughts, taken from a series of real life interviews with the models. These dialogues form a film montage of conversations where the questions are missing to the viewer. By removing some of the information a sense of intrigue is created about what the woman is saying.

This journey takes its physical shape around La Muralla Roja, an extraordinary housing development build in 1968 by architect Ricardo Bofill, where you enter an immersive, almost surreal environment. The music in the space has been created by Rei’s twin sister Anto Nadal; one composition that has been broken down into three threads that represent three different personalities.

In today’s world of over saturated media and content, removing some of the elements means your mind is left to fill in the gaps. It is this ‘space’ that forms the essence of the collection.