NK Presents: Agata Ingarden
Changing Room, 1st – 26th October

Nicholas Kirkwood launched ‘Nicholas Kirkwood presents’ in the Mount St flagship store as
a creative space to promote collaborative partnerships with various artists, designers and creatives from a range of design disciplines including jewellery, art, literature and floral sculpture.

October 2018 sees the launch of ‘NK presents Agata Ingarden’ in collaboration with London-based curator Antonia Marsh. Contemporary art is a continued source of inspiration for Kirkwood, so he is delighted to partner with Marsh and show works from emerging artist Agata Ingarden.

Agata Ingarden makes oozing, caramel sculptures that hang from anchored metal arms and slowly drip onto soft furnishings or carpeted surfaces. Resembling household heating pipes, these structures carry anthropomorphic volumes that seem to simultaneously fossilise and unpredictably reproduce across their host space.
For NK Presents, nebulous lumps of caramel jut out of walls and floors suspended over off-white car-pet interventions. Extending crookedly upwards from a plush armchair or dropping from the ceiling, these glistening protrusions taunt shoppers with their sticky slime as they slip pristine new shoes onto their feet. Suspended from the front windows, two lumps similarly hang in front of passersby as if lur-ing them into their sticky lair.

The NK Presents Agata Ingarden installation will be in store from Monday 1st to Friday 26th October 2018.