Sole Stories, Episode Two:
Nikola Vasakova

The second episode of Sole stories features Nikola Vasakova, founder of Girls In Film. Nikola discusses the impact of both gender bias and positive discrimination in the film industry and how she is championing positive impact through the [GIF] platform.

She explores how the diversity in London has enabled her to become part of a community of change makers. Nikola calls out for a need for more female role models in influential positions, and her hopes for this movement to push this past the tipping point and for it to be a permanent part of our cultural shift; more than just a fad or part of a news agenda.

Nikola recognises that there is a long way to go when considering the film industry as a whole, thus quoting Emma Reeves, director of Free The Bid campaign, “Creativity is genderless, opportunity is not”.

This film is part of the wider series of Sole Stories; short documentaries featuring five London based female creatives, taking a glimpse inside the minds of those that are inspiring and shaping our future.