Sole Stories, Episode Four:
Rina Sawayama

The fourth episode of Sole Stories features Rina Sawayama; model, singer and songwriter. Rina’s irreverent take on early 00’s pop music lured millions of SoundCloud streams. Her success was instant, and over the past 12 months her rise to fame has seen her perform at full-capacity venues.
Rina discusses her complex relationship with technology and how it played a crucial role to her music and song-writing.
She touches on the contrasting cultures of Japan and London, how each of them has contributed to her self-development, and how their fusion has created a unique creative process that is portrayed in her performance on stage.
This film is part of the wider series of Sole Stories; short documentaries featuring five London based female creatives, taking a glimpse inside the minds of those that are inspiring and shaping our future.