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The Restory for Nicholas Kirkwood: Fall in love with your favorite pieces all over again with our luxury restoration service. Powered by leading aftercare company The Restory, we offer bespoke repairs - masterfully worked by specialist artisans.

Top Services
Hardware replacement casati image

Hardware replacement

Damage or discolouration, rivets or pins – our dedicated sourcing team can fix the original, source new pieces or liaise directly with the brands to solve hardware problems. There may be additional costs depending on the construction of the item and the hardware.

– Starting at £30

CLEANING casati image


We clean the interior and exterior of your leather and suede boots and shoes and your mixed material fashion trainers (including laces) using a range of methods. While we can’t guarantee that we can completely remove all stains, we pride ourselves on developing the most comprehensive range of solutions available. Longevity and good looks made simple.

– £55

REHEELING monstera image


The end of the stiletto heel wears down so fast… and sometimes we wear it down even way beyond when we should have! Not to worry. This service replaces the tip (also called a cap or a lift) with a perfectly fitted and coloured replacement.

– £20

Book A Collection
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1. Book A Collection

Select a date and time that suits you for your collection and a DHL courier will pick your items up from wherever you are in the world.


2. Receive Your Quote

You will receive a personalised quote for your item(s), listing recommended restoration services, which you can approve, query or decline. Work only begins after your approval and payment.


3. Schedule A Return

When your items have been restored to their former glory, we will notify you via email to schedule a complimentary return at a location and time that suits you.

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How Do I Prepare My Item(s) For Collection?


We want your item(s) to get to The Restory safely, so please adhere to the following steps:


1. Double check that any bags you are sending are completely empty.

2. Line a sturdy box with bubble wrap and ensure light-coloured items (mostly patent or suede) aren't touching dark pieces.

3. Ensure your contact details are clearly visible by labelling the box outside, or adding a note or business card inside.

4. Seal the package securely to ensure your item(s) arrive safely.

5. If you have one, attach your DHL shipping label to the box. (Not needed for two hour collections inside our London zone.)