Conscious Design

Materials & Components

We challenge and push design and product development boundaries to make luxurious products in a way that is fit for the world we live in today and tomorrow, both beautiful and sustainable. No compromises.

Innovative Materials
Compostable Leather

Nature-L ® Leather

This Nature-L ® leather been designed to degrade by 75% in the first 90 days of composting, compared to standard leather which degrades by only 7.8% in the same conditions. This leather uses less water than the traditional tanning process and reduces waste as cut-offs are composted. It also reduces the amount of dye needed because of the improved colour intake.


chrome-free leather

Chrome-free leather has been tanned without the use of heavy metals. This reduces impurities in waste waters created during the tanning process. The leather is produced in a closed cycle so water can be recycled, and overall water-consumption is reduced.

Plastic free

Woven Hemp

This fabric is made out of 100% hemp which is natural and compostable. Hemp requires 1/3 of the water compared to cotton to grow and be processed into fabrics. Furthermore, hemp is widely accepted to be one of the most sustainable natural materials.





Our veg-tanned leather soles are tanned only using natural tanning ingredients, they are plastic-free and finished using a brushing technique.

71% of the plastic TPU sole is now plant-based. Fossil fuels have been replaced with castor bean oil and sugar cane, reducing overall carbon emissions.


We're working on it

Metallics used in the collection are not compostable, however, we have significantly reduced the use of metallics in the collection compared to the past.

We are still researching and testing natural alternatives.

Currently, only 13% of our carry over styles are made using conscious materials. This is something we are aiming to change.

Many of the soles on the Casati family still use a rubber sole. We are continuing tests to change this and looking for natural alternatives.

We are currently experimenting with high quality compostable calf leather, which looks promising, and we hope to use it in future collections. Because of our design ethos we won't compromise on a material unless it is right, but we have moved towards using metal free calf in the meantime.

We are currently looking into compostable alternatives and conducting research on bio-based materials that have the same performance as ABS. Introducing a wooden heel has decreased our ABS usage however many of the heels are still made with this material.