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We are proud to announce our collaboration with Canopy and the beginning of our journey to protecting ancient and endangered forests. Canopy is a non-profit organisation whose work focuses on protecting the world’s most vital forests, the species that inhabit them and the climate.

As a result of moving away from extensive use of plastics in our products and packaging, we are inevitably increasing the demand for forest-based products, particularly components made from cellulose – for example, our insoles - and paper packaging. We are committed to working with our suppliers to monitor our existing consumption of cellulosic fibres and eliminate sourcing from ancient and endangered forests.


We are starting by implementing a preferential policy to purchase products with high recycled content or alternative fibres. Our goal is to have all products, packaging and all office paper be made 100% from recycled or alternative sources such as agricultural waste or hemp by the end of next year.



What are ancient and endangered forests?

Ancient and endangered forests are intact forest landscape mosaics, naturally rare forest types, forest types that have been made rare due to human activity, and/or other forests that are ecologically critical for the protection of biological diversity. -