Our approach

Design for a Brighter Tomorrow

We are using a design-based approach to begin our journey towards sustainability, with environmental considerations at the forefront.

our principles

Repair & Reuse

We are committed to reducing waste at all levels. We have launched Aftercare Powered by The Restory to help with repair and maintenance, while the Beya Second Life program lets customers return their shoes to us to be upcycled by a group of artists in exchange for a disocunt. Components that can not be upcycled will be disposed of responsibly.


High Design & Craftmanship

Our shoes are handmade in Italy marrying high craft with cutting technology. These family run ateliers comply with all the highest European labour standards. We are dedicated to make beautifully designed, long-lasting shoes, to encourage our customer to buy better and wear longer. View our Anti Modern Slavery Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct.


Natural & Compostable Materials

We are focused on using natural and compostable materials throughout our design process and removing synthetics. Whether choosing Nature-L ®️ leathers and suedes, or organic silks and woven hemp we are evolving our product strategy to focus on materials that are much easier on the environmental not just at production level but end of life too. Find out more about our materials.

Beya Second Life


Beya Second Life: Trade in your pre-loved Beya flats with us and we will compost, recycle and upcycle giving the shoes a second life.

Our Partners
1% for the planet

1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through memberships and everyday actions. In 2021 we became a member of 1% for the Planet and have committed to giving 1% of gross sales each year to our approved nonprofit partners through a variety of support and donations.


Canopy is a non-profit organisation whose work focuses on protecting the world’s most vital forests, the species that inhabit them and the climate. Through their collaboration with business leaders, scientists, and decision-makers, they help create sustainable supply chains and foster innovative solutions to environmental challenges. Find out more.

Climate neutral

Climate Neutral Committed

Climate Neutral is a nonprofit organization working to decrease global carbon emissions. We have calculated and offset the entirety of our carbon emissions for 2020 and are now a Climate Neutral Certified Brand. Find out more.


Eden Reforestation Projects

tree saplings

Deforestation is a global phenomenon caused by a variety of factors. These factors range from large-scale slash and burn practices to unsustainable agriculture to daily community forest destruction.


By purchasing a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, you are helping to replenish native trees and help alleviate extreme poverty through our ‘employ to plant’ environmental partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. For every purchase we make a donation to Eden and plant 10 trees.




climate neutral graph

Climate Neutral

We’ve been working with Climate Neutral to measure our 2020 carbon emissions, offset our entire footprint by investing in climate change solutions, and launch a plan to reduce our emissions this year and beyond. We offset our entire 2020 footprint by purchasing carbon credits to fund climate change solutions including advancing clean cookstove use in Uganda, household biogas digesters in China and renewable energy generation in the US. Find out more.




As a result of moving away from extensive use of plastics in our products and packaging, we are inevitably increasing the demand for forest-based products, particularly components made from cellulose – for example, our insoles and paper packaging.


We are proud to announce our collaboration with Canopy and the beginning of our journey to protecting ancient and endangered forests. Canopy is a non-profit organisation whose work focuses on protecting the world’s most vital forests, the species that inhabit them and the climate.


We are starting by implementing a preferential policy to purchase products with high recycled content or alternative fibres. Our goal is to have all products, packaging and all office paper be made 100% from recycled or alternative sources such as agricultural waste or hemp by the end of next year. Find out more.

Aftercare Powered by The Restory


We have partnered with The Restory to offer bespoke repairs, masterfully worked by their specialist artisans.


Sustainability is not just about choosing the right materials, it is also about making your shoes go the extra mile. According to the Chalmers University of Technology (Fashion industry gains new tools to reduce nvironmental load, 2017), 70% of the environmental impact of a piece is created during manufacture. So the longer you wear your shoes, the better it is for the environment.


Repair is a crucial step in the hierarchy of waste prevention and we could not be happier about offering this repair and aftercare option with the help of The Restory. Find out more and book a collection.

1% for the Planet



eXXpedition is a Community Interest Company and not-for-profit organisation that runs pioneering all-female sailing research expeditions at sea and virtually voyages on land to investigate the causes of and solutions to ocean plastic pollution. We’re delighted to have supported eXXpedition’s mission through our 1% for the Planet donation in 2021.


Key aims of eXXpedition are to support solutions science by contributing to world-class scientific studies that are urgently needed to inform up-stream solutions and close the loop on plastic waste on land. 

To shift perceptions by using thier platform to inform and educate so that people can better understand the real problem of micro-plastics and use that to shape actions and solutions.

To create a community by empowering their network of inspiring leaders to create shifts in their community and beyond in order to tackle plastic pollution back on dry land. Find out more about the Ocean Day 2021 project.



We are using a design-based approach to begin our journey towards sustainability, with environmental considerations at the forefront. Over the next year we will be exploring all aspects of our business, looking at different ways to reduce and ultimately eliminate any negative climate impacts through our supply chain and product. We are also working to become a more circular business, not just by creating lower waste products but also empowering our customers, partners and suppliers to choose more positively and embrace sustainable business practises.We have a lot of work ahead but look forward to sharing this journey with you. Find out more about our materials and components.