Beys second life

Beya Second Life

This Earth Day we are making a different kind of promise to the Earth. Our customers will be able to trade in their pre-loved Beya flats with us, no matter how old or well-loved they are.

Beya Second Life
beya second life

Why do we want your shoes?

Shoes are one the most difficult items to recycle, as they can be made up of as many as 30 individual components in different materials, including plastics. According to some studies, of the 24.2 billion pairs of shoes made each year,  90% of  them end up in a landfill. We want to help you make a more sustainable choice when it comes to the enc of your shoes' life.

beya second life

What will happen to your old shoes?

We will take your old Beya flats apart and compost some of the pieces, recycle others and through our network of artists and creatives up-cycle the rest giving your shoes a second life. Watch out for the big reveal on Earth Day 2020.

How does the trade in work?
beya second life

Turn your old Beya flats into the new season pair of shoes you want. Once you have completed checking out on your new pair of shoes at you will have the option via your order confirmation page to trade in a pair of old Beya flats.

beya second life

Shortly afterwards you will receive a confirmation email from our customer services team. Attached to this confirmation will be a DHL airway bill and information on how to organise the collection of your shoes. To make things easier for you, all of the shipping fees are covered by Nicholas Kirkwood.

Beya Second life

Once DHL have collected your package, the shoes will come back to our customer services team. As soon as we receive the shoes and validate, we will confirm the refund of 15% discount against your purchase.

Have more questions? Contact our customer service team 

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we accept any pair of Beya no matter where you bought them from.

Yes we are happy to take your pair of Beya back no matter how well loved they have been. 

A trade in option can only be offered against a purchase of  full price item(s).

Unfortunately, at this time we are only able to offer this to UK and US based clients.

Once we have received your pair of Beyas, your refund will be processed according to the terms of our standard refund policy.

We can only accept Beyas as part of this Trade In initiative. We accept all Beya flats: 18mm loafers, mules and slingbacks.

We will send you all the necessary shipping documentation including prepaid shipping labels. All you have to do is pack up your pair of Beya and hand it in to the courier.